March 13, 2022

Hello world

Hi, my name is Michael Voronin, I design type. I make typefaces, lettering and all sorts of things that are somehow related to letters and fonts.

Being a designer for about thirteen years I could not figure out what exactly I like in design, and, after going through graffiti, calligraphy, web design, graphic design, and polygraphy, I finally settled on fonts.

For now you can find only one typeface on the Internet, designed by me, it's DL Slifted Display (although it's a modification of the already existing font Manrope, by Mikhail Sharanda, It's free like the original, here are the links:

At the moment I have roughly five fonts of original design in the works. They are at various stages of completion, and I strive not only to show pretty pictures of the finished work, but also to share the process and tell what inspires me in my work with letters.